Friday, May 3, 2013

 My "Beauty and the Beast Bride"

Susan's wedding has now come and gone and I even though I have already posted on the development of her wedding flowers I wanted to share with you a few of the pictures from my final days of making her wedding flowers and pictures from her actual wedding day.
A close up of her Bee's Blooms custom made "Beauty and the Beast" bridal bouquet.
My beautiful bride on the day of her outdoor fall wedding. There was so much that went into the making of her unique bridal bouquet it became a true artistic creation by the time it was completed. I loved every moment that I worked on her wedding.



The bride, groom and best man after the "I do's".

Per his request the groom is wearing a custom made boutonniere that I created that reflects his favorite hobby - Gold Mining. The forest wildflower petals are made from a mining map of where they actually live and each flower has a gold beaded center. I found an antique pin with actual gold chips and miniaturized gold mining tools.
The best man is an avid duck hunter. I found a hand carved antique duck pin and turned it
into a customized boutonniere for him.

There were two flower girls and they each carried a grapevine ball bouquet. I covered them with  paper hydrangea petals that I had hand made from an antique "Beauty and the Beast" book that I found that had fallen apart and into total disrepair. I water colored the hydrangea petals with the fall wedding colors before wiring and attaching them to the ball. I inserted a string of IKEA led battery operated lights into the ball so as they walked down the aisle in the woods their flower balls had a warm soft glow.  A soft green ribbon created a handle so the girls could carry them.

 The bride requested that the Maid of Honor's bouquet be centered around book flowers from the story "Rapunzel", match her dress and the fall wedding colors. This is my design:


The flowers for Susan's wedding took months and months of design and making but for an artist what a joy it was. Thank you Susan and Bo for giving me the privilege of being able to play this role in your wedding I loved every minute of it -


Monday, September 17, 2012

Love Around the World

What do you get when you take a beautiful French Candian bride, a handsome Turkish groom and mix in paper boutonnieres made from antique vintage maps, a wooden tie, a paper parasol and vintage suitcases- something timeless!

Alex and Bora are such a handsome couple!!! I absolutely adore their "Vintage travel" photos they are unbelievable!

 My bride Alex wanted 8 map boutonnieres made out of pink and blue vintage maps for 5 groomsmen, 2 ring bearers, and the love of her life, her groom Bora.


Alex was such a joy to work with she knew what she wanted with one twist she wanted Bora's boutonniere to represent Turkey and his hometown of Istanbul.

She was kind enough to share these very special pictures with me and I wanted to share them with all of you. Alex, thank you so much your beautiful pictures speak for themselves.

I wish you and Bora much love, laughter and happiness!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Bindy Flower

The Bindy Bloom a new collection of flowers that I am making for one very special bride for her beautiful California late summer wedding. 

 My brides Grandmother had passed away before the wedding but it was so important to her to include her Grandmother in some very important way that represented their relationship. As fate would have it as they were cleaning out her Grandmother's home my bride found an trunk in her  attic. It was filled with old letters, aged paperback books, vintage piano music and some vintage maps. An idea came to life, she had wanted to include her Grandmother in her very special day but in a joyful way just like her Grandmother was in life and what better way than in flowers. This collection of flowers is being made from her Grandmothers old papers from the trunk!

I felt so honored when I received the shipment of the papers. I knew I was holding something so special. It took me weeks making samples out of newspaper and kraft paper before we decided that just the right flower had bloomed to represent her Grandmother.

Each blossom was lovingly handcut and assembled by me! Each of them has over 15 individual petals and they are 3- 5 inches wide. I stained some of the blooms with paper stain or accented them with water colors to create these beautiful blooms and I varied the sizes slightly to make the arrangements visually interesting.

These blooms are going to be the table centerpieces for her outdoor garden wedding and in each centerpiece is one very special purple tinted flower that represents one very special Grandmother on this most joyful of days.

I didn't know her Grandmother personally but from what I have been told I just know that she is smiling and this is exactly what she would have wanted for her granddaughter. A joyful purple blossom made out of something that belonged to her.

That’s extremely special.


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Friday, June 15, 2012

Something Old - Something New

New Spiderman wedding boutonnieres for the groom who is an ultimate Spiderman fan! This boutonniere was made from a new comic book with a wire web and spider attached for accent. The red spider that bit Peter Parker!

This boutonniere below was made from a vintage comic book with plastic webbing and a black spider attached for accent.

The following two boutonnieres were made with just single spider accents without webbing

and right now I'm making awesome Spiderman Boutonnieres without extra spiders at all. Pics to come. Congratulations Amanda and your fiance' on your upcoming marriage. I can't wait to see the pictures from your wedding I know their going to be awesome! Thank you guys for letting me make these for you. It was so much fun!!!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Beautiful Music Paper Blooms

I have an exciting new bride who wants her entire bridal bouquet to be made entirely out of music. A bouquet of different music paper blooms accented in different shades of purples. I am just now experimenting  making music flowers to get that just right combination of blooms which will look awesome with each other.

This is a large open peony, what a stunning wow factor it will have as the major accent bloom in her bouquet.

Maybe along with some music roses and possibly a few completely purple accent flowers.

Stay tuned to see how this magical bouquet comes to life. Many more blooms to make, endless combinations - how exciting!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother's Day

 How do you tell a very special Mother  that you love her very much when you live far away on  Mother's Day? By sending her a beautiful bouquet of handmade vintage music roses in an antique bottle, so special, so unique. These flowers were sent by one very special daughter to surprise her Mom for Mother's Day.

Each petal of these roses were handmade by me from vintage music paper. I stained the base sheets to accentuate the vintage look and then as a final touch I applied garnet highlights along the edges for that just so special touch. After the roses were completed and the music leaves applied I placed them in a 50+ year old bottle with a lovely brown ribbon for that final touch.

The daughter had asked me to write a note that said "Do not open until Mother's Day", along with a special message. So I designed and made a special card for her and wrote her message inside and attached it to a beautiful package that I wrapped with special papers and ribbons. Finally I wrapped it inside a plain box for shipping. I would love to be able to see the Mom's face when she gets her special gift from her loving daughter so far away - what a lucky Mother!

So Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's and Mom's to be ;)

I love you Mom, Bea

Monday, April 23, 2012

My beautiful North Carolina Bride

I have a fantastic new bride to be who is planning the most creative wedding ever! This is such an exciting wedding to design the flowers for because of all of the wonderful creative leadway she has given me to design to her visions, then she reviews, tweaks and approves.

I can't give it away just yet because her wedding isn't until October and I have a personal policy not to show all of a brides flowers until after her big day. But ... here are a few quick peeks at some of the unique flowers I have already made for her bridal bouquet.

A beautiful white peony, white roses, cabbage roses and rose buds made out of pages from a book accented with pumpkin spice stain. These were repurposed from a damaged antique book of a story of her selection (more to come on that later). ***No rare, valuable, or collectible books were harmed in the making of this piece.***

 Beautiful stems of ranunculus in fall colors, stephanotis with crystal centers accents all surrounded by fall colored flowers in tones of persimmion, dark oranges, browns, greens, whites and ivory all accented with stems of pearls and crystals. So beautiful!

Please stay tuned I will be doing a full feature on Susan and Bo's wedding hopefully in November.

It is 3/4 finished now with still more flowers to go, then the final assembly and wrapping of the handle.  We are almost there, then on to the maid of honors bouquet.

                                               One boutonniere idea still in the works.

All to go to this beautiful venue for one magical afternoon wedding in October, just plain southern magic.

I am blessed,