Monday, April 23, 2012

My beautiful North Carolina Bride

I have a fantastic new bride to be who is planning the most creative wedding ever! This is such an exciting wedding to design the flowers for because of all of the wonderful creative leadway she has given me to design to her visions, then she reviews, tweaks and approves.

I can't give it away just yet because her wedding isn't until October and I have a personal policy not to show all of a brides flowers until after her big day. But ... here are a few quick peeks at some of the unique flowers I have already made for her bridal bouquet.

A beautiful white peony, white roses, cabbage roses and rose buds made out of pages from a book accented with pumpkin spice stain. These were repurposed from a damaged antique book of a story of her selection (more to come on that later). ***No rare, valuable, or collectible books were harmed in the making of this piece.***

 Beautiful stems of ranunculus in fall colors, stephanotis with crystal centers accents all surrounded by fall colored flowers in tones of persimmion, dark oranges, browns, greens, whites and ivory all accented with stems of pearls and crystals. So beautiful!

Please stay tuned I will be doing a full feature on Susan and Bo's wedding hopefully in November.

It is 3/4 finished now with still more flowers to go, then the final assembly and wrapping of the handle.  We are almost there, then on to the maid of honors bouquet.

                                               One boutonniere idea still in the works.

All to go to this beautiful venue for one magical afternoon wedding in October, just plain southern magic.

I am blessed,

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