Thursday, April 19, 2012


One of my lastest creations in my shop "Heart-Lines".

This decorative wall hanging is made from vintage maps (I have a large collection) that can literally represent any Heart-Line (timeline) you desire.

Your Heart-Line can be a new marriage, a wedding anniversary or a childs life - your imagination is the limit.

A new marriage for example can be a Heart-Line of a relationship, maps of the places where "We were Engaged", "We were Married", "Where we Honeymooned", and "Our First Home".
You tell me the what - Engaged for example and the where - Memphis, Tennessee and I will find a unique and beautiful map of that place. I can also place a small star on the map heart of exactly where the event took place.

This has been such a popular item for wedding shower gifts and wedding gifts. The orders are picking up daily ... I'm so excited!!! If you are interested they are listed in my Etsy shop for a 3 heart Heart-Line or for the 4 heart version. The listing of the cities is your choice.

We Met, We were engaged, We were married

                               We were engaged, We were married, We Honeymooned, We Live

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