Friday, May 3, 2013

 My "Beauty and the Beast Bride"

Susan's wedding has now come and gone and I even though I have already posted on the development of her wedding flowers I wanted to share with you a few of the pictures from my final days of making her wedding flowers and pictures from her actual wedding day.
A close up of her Bee's Blooms custom made "Beauty and the Beast" bridal bouquet.
My beautiful bride on the day of her outdoor fall wedding. There was so much that went into the making of her unique bridal bouquet it became a true artistic creation by the time it was completed. I loved every moment that I worked on her wedding.



The bride, groom and best man after the "I do's".

Per his request the groom is wearing a custom made boutonniere that I created that reflects his favorite hobby - Gold Mining. The forest wildflower petals are made from a mining map of where they actually live and each flower has a gold beaded center. I found an antique pin with actual gold chips and miniaturized gold mining tools.
The best man is an avid duck hunter. I found a hand carved antique duck pin and turned it
into a customized boutonniere for him.

There were two flower girls and they each carried a grapevine ball bouquet. I covered them with  paper hydrangea petals that I had hand made from an antique "Beauty and the Beast" book that I found that had fallen apart and into total disrepair. I water colored the hydrangea petals with the fall wedding colors before wiring and attaching them to the ball. I inserted a string of IKEA led battery operated lights into the ball so as they walked down the aisle in the woods their flower balls had a warm soft glow.  A soft green ribbon created a handle so the girls could carry them.

 The bride requested that the Maid of Honor's bouquet be centered around book flowers from the story "Rapunzel", match her dress and the fall wedding colors. This is my design:


The flowers for Susan's wedding took months and months of design and making but for an artist what a joy it was. Thank you Susan and Bo for giving me the privilege of being able to play this role in your wedding I loved every minute of it -


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  1. And we loved working with you Bea! It was definitely a project. I cannot express how greatful I am to have found you to create the lovely flowers. Thank you once again!