Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Bindy Flower

The Bindy Bloom a new collection of flowers that I am making for one very special bride for her beautiful California late summer wedding. 

 My brides Grandmother had passed away before the wedding but it was so important to her to include her Grandmother in some very important way that represented their relationship. As fate would have it as they were cleaning out her Grandmother's home my bride found an trunk in her  attic. It was filled with old letters, aged paperback books, vintage piano music and some vintage maps. An idea came to life, she had wanted to include her Grandmother in her very special day but in a joyful way just like her Grandmother was in life and what better way than in flowers. This collection of flowers is being made from her Grandmothers old papers from the trunk!

I felt so honored when I received the shipment of the papers. I knew I was holding something so special. It took me weeks making samples out of newspaper and kraft paper before we decided that just the right flower had bloomed to represent her Grandmother.

Each blossom was lovingly handcut and assembled by me! Each of them has over 15 individual petals and they are 3- 5 inches wide. I stained some of the blooms with paper stain or accented them with water colors to create these beautiful blooms and I varied the sizes slightly to make the arrangements visually interesting.

These blooms are going to be the table centerpieces for her outdoor garden wedding and in each centerpiece is one very special purple tinted flower that represents one very special Grandmother on this most joyful of days.

I didn't know her Grandmother personally but from what I have been told I just know that she is smiling and this is exactly what she would have wanted for her granddaughter. A joyful purple blossom made out of something that belonged to her.

That’s extremely special.


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  1. Belinda, what a wonderful set of flowers!! I love the blooms and the lovely story that comes with them. You've done such a great job!!

  2. Thank you so much, it is all thanks to you!!!